February 2018
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Craft & Sewing Ribbon storage ideas

What do you do with all your rolls of ribbon?

I have struggled with this myself!  The first storage idea I read on the web was to take an inexpensive paper towel holder and use it for ribbons.  I took a metal paper towel holder and my husband took a dremel tool and modified it for me by cutting one side of the post off:

Paper-towel-holder-for-ribbon-storageThat worked for a while, until as we all do, we buy more ribbon!  I have a very small craft room/office, so space is a huge issue for me. My next idea was to take a 12×12 paper storage box from Michaels, and use it to store my ribbon:


Michaels 12×12 Paper box for ribbon storage



This worked very well because when you open the box and set it down to use, you can see all your ribbon very well and it stored 4 rows of ribbon easily. The boxes are 40%-50% off very often, so wait until they have a sale or you have a 40% or larger coupon or sale.  They hold approximately 48 rolls of ribbon.  I would still be using this system if I hadn’t run across some ribbon storage boxes in the sewing department of Hobby Lobby:

Hobby Lobby ribbon storage box

Hobby Lobby ribbon storage box





















These boxes were $7.99 each, which I thought was a fair price.  There is clear material on the front of the boxes allowing you to easily see the ribbon and it has a slit for the ribbon to slide out the front of the boxes for easy use.  I don’t use the slit personally, so the ribbon doesn’t get dusty hanging out the box. I hate dust LOL.  I LOVE these boxes!  They hold approximately 16 rolls of ribbon and you can see instantly if you have the ribbon you want or need for a project.

What do you think?  Do you have any great storage ideas you want to share?