February 2018
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Shopping Cart programs and Store opening soon

I have been spending every free moment for months trying to get my online store up and running.

I am a fairly advanced computer user, but I have to say trying to figure out which shopping cart program to use and understand has been quite a task!  First I tried Zen Cart for a few months, but I didn’t like how the pictures uploaded and the sizes, and after several months, I thought it was just too much work learning and running it-I needed an easier and faster program.

I  tried wp-wcommerce, but had a hard time finding tutorials on how to set up the settings. (Now, I can find a million of them since I have chosen a different shopping cart!) LOL

I was going to use paypal alone, but I wanted something a little better and different.  I had the Crafty Cart theme installed and had it looking the way I wanted, but one area (editing the php files) gave me problems, and when I tried to fix it (I am a novice at php) and I got more errors than I cared for.  So, that is abandoned for now also!

I have finally settled on wp simple paypal plugin, and so far it is fitting my needs.  Remember, I said so far! LOL

Setting up my website and blog was a breeze.  Then I hit the roadblock of shopping carts.  It has taken me away from what I really love…designing!

I do have information and a gallery of some of my products (click on store in the menu) if you would like to take a look.  If you see something you are curious about, email or phone me!