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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers!

Things have been crazy here and I have been under the weather. Hopefully things will settle down soon and I will post soon!

Paper craft tips, Scrapbooking tips, greeting card tips.

To make up for not posting last week, I have some craft tips for you.

  • Tape runners: don’t use the Elmers brand, I threw it against the wall, it was a horrible product.  The kind I love are the therm-o-web brand.

  • Keep a small notebook at your desk to write down notes, ideas, etc.

  • Grab paint chip cards from your local paint store, discount store, etc. for color scheme ideas. Look at business signs, magazines, brochures for inspiration.

  • I hate the pieces of tape on the side of scrapbook paper books because they leave sticky sides that stick to other papers-I just use scotch tape over the sticky parts and now they won’t stick to loose pages.

  • I like to use black magic markers instead of ink to ink the edges of my embellishments.

  • Also carry a small notebook with you to write down ideas, color combinations you see and like, etc,

  • Make a folder on your computer to store pictures of projects you want to make later so you don’t forget.  See a project in a magazine? Scan and put into the folder so you can find it later.  See something on the web for ideas: right click and click “save image as” to your computer.

  • If you shop online, don’t always buy from the shopping list on the search engines-they are not always the lowest price on the web even though it may say it.

  • Think out of the box and use items in your house such as scraps of old denim jeans, buttons, etc.

  • I just received a catalog from Oriental Trading Company-wow they have cheaper prices on buttons, gems, etc. I am definitely buying from them for a lot of my craft items.

  • Update:  I will be posting later about the Fiskars paper trimmer I bought.  Not so happy with it now that I have used it awhile. I am waiting to see what they will do as far as replacing-etc. then I will post about it.


Do You have any tips you’d like to add?

Great craft tips

  • When  you need to use a small amount of glue on a small embellishment or item, pour some glue on a piece of scrap paper and use a toothpick or Q-tip to put a little bit of glue on the object.  This will save you from squeezing the bottle too much and getting glue all over your project. (Or yourself!)

  • Need to trim a very small piece of paper on your paper trimmer and the scrap you are using is too small to hang onto while using the trimmer?  Tape the small piece of paper to the trimmer so it will not move as you cut it.

  • When crafting always save the scraps.  If you are scrapbooking, the small pieces can be used with small punches to make small flowers.  If you also sew, you can save the fabric scraps to use in your scrapbook page.  You can also use the scraps to use as test pieces to see what a certain element would look in your layout without actually using your good paper.  SAVE everything!

  • You’ve used a paper punch to punch out a flower to use in your project, but decided the color was all wrong,  or it didn’t look as good as you thought it would, save it and you can use it in another project, or use it as a test item as in the tip above. I keep mine in a container called “doodads”

  • Most scrapbooking card stock and paper pads comes with a small strip to tear the paper/cardstock from the pad.  When you have used the whole pack, save that small set of strips from the pad.  These small strips can be used as borders, etc., and work real well with the small punches.

  • When you get to the store and want to buy a new paper punch, ribbon, sewing thread, etc., but can’t remember what you have at home and you don’t want to buy something you already have? Here is what you do: For paper punches, punch out the punch design on regular paper, and tape to an index card. For sewing thread or ribbon, I either take my digital camera and photograph the items I have or I write the colors I have on another index card.  I keep these in my wallet and if something is a great bargain, I know what I could use, and I don’t waste my time buying something I already have and save time returning items.

  • The rolling storage carts are great for crafts.  They hold a great amount of craft supplies, and you can keep them out of the way, then roll them closer when you need them.

  • If you  are a scrapbooker, craft stores have great paper storage boxes for the pads of paper or cardstock.   I hate to complain about a company, however, Hobby Lobby’s boxes are a tiny bit too small and bends the pads, and the corners of the lids split open and I had to tape them.  I am not sure what brand they are, but the ones I love are from a company called Reflections and I buy them from Michael’s.  I ended up using the ones I did not like to store other things, such as punches, scraps, etc.

  • Craft supplies are usually WAY more expensive than regular items.  Try thinking if the item you need may be in another department.  Examples: I bought that pink  X-acto craft knife for $8.00 or $9.00 in the craft department at Walmart (Do not buy this product, the blade fell out for me and would not stay in and was very dangerous!).  When I took it back, I found a regular X-acto knife for around $2.50 in another department.  The sewing departments have sewing cutting mats way cheaper than buying a scrapbooking mat, they have buckles, pins with yellow heads that look like flowers and eyelets that are way cheaper than the scrapbook/craft departments.

  • As mentioned in the previous tip, my pink X-acto knife had a cover for the blade. My new knife did not and I didn’t want to slice a finger off reaching for the knife when I wasn’t paying enough attention to what I was doing.  I went to the basement and found some foam packaging wedges? You know, those formed foam wedges that keep large electronics, etc.,  tight in the box?  Sorry, if I haven’t described this well, but I broke off a small piece of foam and used it as a cover for the blade.  I just read in a magazine or craft book where a wine cork would work also.

Happy Crafting!


Do you have any tips to add?

Three books you must read: “Tweak”, “Beautiful Boy” and “Tears of the Desert”

  • “Tweak Growing up on Methamphetamines” by Nic Sheff

This is Nic’s story about his battle with Methamphetamines.

  • “Beautiful Boy” by David Sheff.

This was written by Nic’s father David on his sons drug addiction and how it affected his life.

  • “Tears of the desert, A memoir of survival in Darfur by Halima Bashir

Very powerful story of growing up in Darfur.

Three very powerful and heart wrenching reads.  I highly recommend them!

What books have you read?

Laptops and water DO NOT MIX update

The day after I spilled water onto my 2nd laptop, I took it to a computer repair place.  They were going to let it dry out for another day and take a look at it.

Well, they turned it on and it works! YAYYY!  Hope fully it won’t quit down the road from corrosion somewhere!  It was open in the first place because it had a broken hinge and they are going to be fixing that for me also.  It won’t be sitting on my desk with the lid open.  I can close it and tuck it up high on a shelf and keep it out of the way until I need it.

Laptops and water DO NOT MIX

Not a great weekend here.  My older laptop drank a whole glass of water through it’s keyboard..  UGH! It wasn’t on, and hopefully the quick tactics like wiping it off right away, turning it upside down to let the excess water run out, running a hair dryer across the keyboard until my arm was numb and leaving it in front of a fan on high for 12 hours may help!.  Whew!

I took it to a computer place today and have submitted an insurance claim. One website said that it may run fine for a while but then corrode and die. One consulation was that there are hundreds of “Help I spilled __ on my computer” posts, so I am in good company.  Cross your fingers for me!!!

That’s what I get for being Miss organization and was arranging my office.  It could have been a lot worse, my new laptop was sitting on the other side of my older laptop, so I am truly grateful I am able to write this post and my new computer is happily churning away.

Fiskars 12×12 LED paper trimmer review

Another great product I use and love.  The Fiskars 12×12 LED paper trimmer is fail proof!

The 12″x12″ will handle any size job.  It folds in half for great storage or to carry with you. The LED light is fantastic! The LED light shows exactly where you are cutting and automatically shuts off after two minutes.  The ruler guides are inside the plastic so they will never wear off.

I am not affiliated with Fiskars or any company and I am not making any money suggesting this product.  I just use it and love it.

Fast and Easy BBQ rib recipie

Don’t have time to prepare a meal?  Want the easiest recipe?  Oh, did I mention yummy? I am going to make your day!

I have a rib recipe from my husband’s mother that is so easy to prepare and will have the meat falling off of the bone and it takes 5 minutes to prepare.

I have prepared this in the morning before work and came home at lunch to a meal of ribs and baked potatoes!


  • ½ cup sugar

  • ½ cup ketchup

  • 3 Tablespoons white vinegar

  • 2 Tablespoons Worchestershire sauce

  • 1 large slice onion

  • country style ribs

Place ribs and ingredients into a pan (I use a roasting pan  with a lid). You do not need to stir, just place ingredients in the pan.  Set oven for 250°.  Place potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil along side the pan and you have a meal all ready to go.  That’s it!

This recipe is best when it has 4 or more hours in the oven.  We had a party once, and ate several hours past the time we were going to eat, and it was even better!    The secret to this recipe is the long baking time and low heat.

Photoshop and Photoshop Elements Tips and Tricks

1. If your brush suddenly has a cross hair and not the brush,  CAPS are on,  turn caps off.

2. Most digital photos have a blue cast:  add an adjustment layer/photo layer/sepia.  Adjust the density.

3. Backup all of your presets:  styles,  brushes,  shapes,  etc. to another folder.  If you ever have to re- install PS or PSE,  all you have to do is add them to the preset folder again.

4. If you ever need to make a thumbnail for the web, the size is 74 pixels x 74 pixels.

5. Nice sepia effect for photos so they look vintage:  add hue/saturation layer check colorize,  move hue to 30,  saturation to 25

Okidata C530dn Color Laser review

I spent almost 3-4 full days researching color laser printers, wading through all of the customer reviews (good & bad).

It can be a very daunting task!

One thing I will stress that you keep in mind when you read customer reviews, is that the people who have had a bad experience almost always leave a review. Most people who are happy with a product probably won’t take the time to post. Now you know why it took me so long to find a color laser printer I was happy with!

From the title, you can tell I went with the Okidata C530dn color laser printer.

My main needs for a printer were: price, cost of buying replacement toner cartridges, straight paper pass through and that it had the capability of using heavy weight paper. This printer has all those features, and after a month of owning it I can say I am very happy with it.

It is quite large and heavy (48.5 lbs.), but it at least is not a flimsy product.

I am not associated with Okidata nor am I profiting from this. I just use and love this product!

Great gift for under $20.00

Need a gift fast? Under $20.00? Then I have a gift you can assemble in no time!

Materials needed:

Any pretty vase
White LED Christmas
Bag of Potpourri.

I spread newspapers on my floor and plug in the lights so it’s easier to see where you are placing the lights.
Depending on the length of your lights, and the size of the vase, put a generous amount of lights in the bottom of the vase.
Sprinkle the potpourri in the vase shaking it, so it will fall between the lights.

Layer more lights, then potpourri, etc. I use the handle end of a wooden spoon to help me get the potpourri down into the spaces.
Leave a generous lengths so you can tape the end of the lights with the electrical prongs to the back of the vase with scotch tape.

That’s it!

Any pretty vase will work, I have used large and small vases, and I switch them when I want a different look.

Digital Designz is here!

My little corner of the world has arrived.  Items for sale coming soon: single greeting cards, greeting card boxed sets, business cards, and anything you would need designed.  If you need a quote, just email me at digitaldesignz@frontier.com.

You will find Photoshop tips, book reviews, my favorite products, websites, and a whole lot more!