February 2018
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Paper craft tips, Scrapbooking tips, greeting card tips.

To make up for not posting last week, I have some craft tips for you.

  • Tape runners: don’t use the Elmers brand, I threw it against the wall, it was a horrible product.  The kind I love are the therm-o-web brand.

  • Keep a small notebook at your desk to write down notes, ideas, etc.

  • Grab paint chip cards from your local paint store, discount store, etc. for color scheme ideas. Look at business signs, magazines, brochures for inspiration.

  • I hate the pieces of tape on the side of scrapbook paper books because they leave sticky sides that stick to other papers-I just use scotch tape over the sticky parts and now they won’t stick to loose pages.

  • I like to use black magic markers instead of ink to ink the edges of my embellishments.

  • Also carry a small notebook with you to write down ideas, color combinations you see and like, etc,

  • Make a folder on your computer to store pictures of projects you want to make later so you don’t forget.  See a project in a magazine? Scan and put into the folder so you can find it later.  See something on the web for ideas: right click and click “save image as” to your computer.

  • If you shop online, don’t always buy from the shopping list on the search engines-they are not always the lowest price on the web even though it may say it.

  • Think out of the box and use items in your house such as scraps of old denim jeans, buttons, etc.

  • I just received a catalog from Oriental Trading Company-wow they have cheaper prices on buttons, gems, etc. I am definitely buying from them for a lot of my craft items.

  • Update:  I will be posting later about the Fiskars paper trimmer I bought.  Not so happy with it now that I have used it awhile. I am waiting to see what they will do as far as replacing-etc. then I will post about it.


Do You have any tips you’d like to add?

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