December 2017
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Free Calendar and Time Management Program

I am hopelessly organized!  I needed a desktop calendar to keep track of all my appointments, bills  and things I need to do.  I did a Google search and found VueMinder Calendar. They have several paid versions, but they also have a free (Download Lite) version that has everything you need! You can find it here. It looks complicated, but it really isn’t at all.


VueMinder Lite Free Calendar program

VueMinder Lite Free Calendar program

I have to say in about an hour, I had everything set up and running and I love it!  You can organize appointments by categories such as Birthdays, etc.   Choose which color text you want all birthdays to be and choose the color for that category, and enter the birthday on the calendar. You then right click and choose category-birthday and it will appear in the color you had chosen for birthday events.  You can set pop up reminders, sound reminders, set up a monthly or yearly recurrence such as birthdays, etc.  You can set a reminder from 1 minute to a year in advance! 

I used Outlook and I have to say that this calendar is awesome and just as good!  They have a very easy to understand help documentation here.

It also shows a small calendar on your desktop if you wish.  You can have it large or small.  I am sure there are many more options and customization I can do, but for the hour I spent, I have to say I have most everything exactly the way I like it.

It has many, many more features, so if you need to keep track of your schedule, bills, appointments, I highly recommend this program!





Some great free computer programs

Some great free programs to check out:

  • Last Pass: a password manager for all your passwords
  • Roboform: another password manager
  • Xnview: great picture viewer (can’t live without it)
  • Nexus font: A font viewer  (can’t live without it!)
  • Avast Anti-virus: great free anti-virus program
  • ABR view: Awesome! program if you use Photoshop or Photoshop elements-lets you view your brushes (can’t live without it!)
  • WordPress of course!  How I created my blog/website and my store.
  • KeepVid: Lets you save internet videos to your computer

Do you have any free programs that you can’t live without?

Shopping Cart programs and Store opening soon

I have been spending every free moment for months trying to get my online store up and running.

I am a fairly advanced computer user, but I have to say trying to figure out which shopping cart program to use and understand has been quite a task!  First I tried Zen Cart for a few months, but I didn’t like how the pictures uploaded and the sizes, and after several months, I thought it was just too much work learning and running it-I needed an easier and faster program.

I  tried wp-wcommerce, but had a hard time finding tutorials on how to set up the settings. (Now, I can find a million of them since I have chosen a different shopping cart!) LOL

I was going to use paypal alone, but I wanted something a little better and different.  I had the Crafty Cart theme installed and had it looking the way I wanted, but one area (editing the php files) gave me problems, and when I tried to fix it (I am a novice at php) and I got more errors than I cared for.  So, that is abandoned for now also!

I have finally settled on wp simple paypal plugin, and so far it is fitting my needs.  Remember, I said so far! LOL

Setting up my website and blog was a breeze.  Then I hit the roadblock of shopping carts.  It has taken me away from what I really love…designing!

I do have information and a gallery of some of my products (click on store in the menu) if you would like to take a look.  If you see something you are curious about, email or phone me!