December 2017
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Amazon Kindle Fire or Barnes and Noble Color Nook?

I had been thinking and researching about a ereaders for awhile and one day before Christmas I was shopping in the city.  I went to Best Buy, Staples. Barnes and Noble, Target, etc.  and drove myself nuts!  I went to every store twice! I was reading comparison’s on my smartphone.

All of the stores I went to  (except for Barnes & Noble of course!) said the Kindle Fire.

I have to say I LOVE my Kindle Fire!  I have found so many free good books that I probably would have never read otherwise!  5 book sets for 99 cents!  Every day Amazon gives away a book for 99 cents and a free app. I thought the sales  guy was nuts when he said they had books for $3.99 or less but he was right! I have so many books on my Kindle that I doubt I will have time to even use the Library ebooks!  They update the 100 free books pretty regularly that I can tell, so check often!

I used to go to the Library and borrow up to 5 books a week and read through them.  Then, I found out through my library, I could download free audiobooks for my Ipod Touch and now I can also download ebooks to my Kindle.  I will never give up my audiobooks on my ipod, though, I listen to audiobooks when I drive or ride with my husband.  It sure makes driving fun and long trips fly by!

What do you have or what do you like best?




Ipod Touch and it’s many uses

I cannot live without my Ipod Touch!

Listening to music is the greatest, but I use mine for much, much more!

I listen to audio books when I am getting ready for work in the morning, at lunch, in the evening between tv commercials, etc! I check my emails, weather, news, and of course my music! When traveling to my doctor appointment 1 1/2 hours away, whichever audio book I am listening to at the time makes the trip go by in a flash!

The note feature is my best friend. I jot down everything I need the next time I have to go to the store and I never forget what I need! I have all sorts of lists: questions to ask my doctor, books I want to read and everything else.

If I am at home sick, I can easily check email, the news or anything without having to get up, launch my laptop and wait for it to boot up. As I mentioned earlier, audio books are fantastic when you aren’t feeling well as you do not have to sit up, hold a book and it helps to distract you: I just lay down with it near me and listen! No more sore back or tired hands.

Stores like Walmart, Target and other similar stores sell little speakers for $10.00 that you just plug into if you don’t want to use the outside speaker or headphones. They are also quiet enough to use at work so you don’t disturb other people or when you are on the phone.

If I am in a store and see something that gives me an idea, I just take a quick snapshot of it. When we went looking at furniture, I took quick shots of the sofas we liked for later reference.

The games and apps are also fun for time while waiting for an appointment, when someone you are meeting are late, there is never a dull or boring moment while waiting.

The Ipod Touch has internet capabilities, so why spend more on a cell phone to get internet when you already have it on your Ipod? The only difference is that on the Ipod touch, you won’t have wireless internet everywhere, but more and more places are offering free wireless, so for me it isn’t a problem.

Do you have an Ipod Touch?  What is the feature you use most?

Fiskars 12×12 LED paper trimmer review

Another great product I use and love.  The Fiskars 12×12 LED paper trimmer is fail proof!

The 12″x12″ will handle any size job.  It folds in half for great storage or to carry with you. The LED light is fantastic! The LED light shows exactly where you are cutting and automatically shuts off after two minutes.  The ruler guides are inside the plastic so they will never wear off.

I am not affiliated with Fiskars or any company and I am not making any money suggesting this product.  I just use it and love it.

Okidata C530dn Color Laser review

I spent almost 3-4 full days researching color laser printers, wading through all of the customer reviews (good & bad).

It can be a very daunting task!

One thing I will stress that you keep in mind when you read customer reviews, is that the people who have had a bad experience almost always leave a review. Most people who are happy with a product probably won’t take the time to post. Now you know why it took me so long to find a color laser printer I was happy with!

From the title, you can tell I went with the Okidata C530dn color laser printer.

My main needs for a printer were: price, cost of buying replacement toner cartridges, straight paper pass through and that it had the capability of using heavy weight paper. This printer has all those features, and after a month of owning it I can say I am very happy with it.

It is quite large and heavy (48.5 lbs.), but it at least is not a flimsy product.

I am not associated with Okidata nor am I profiting from this. I just use and love this product!