January 2012
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Amazon Kindle Fire or Barnes and Noble Color Nook?

I had been thinking and researching about a ereaders for awhile and one day before Christmas I was shopping in the city.  I went to Best Buy, Staples. Barnes and Noble, Target, etc.  and drove myself nuts!  I went to every store twice! I was reading comparison’s on my smartphone.

All of the stores I went to  (except for Barnes & Noble of course!) said the Kindle Fire.

I have to say I LOVE my Kindle Fire!  I have found so many free good books that I probably would have never read otherwise!  5 book sets for 99 cents!  Every day Amazon gives away a book for 99 cents and a free app. I thought the sales  guy was nuts when he said they had books for $3.99 or less but he was right! I have so many books on my Kindle that I doubt I will have time to even use the Library ebooks!  They update the 100 free books pretty regularly that I can tell, so check often!

I used to go to the Library and borrow up to 5 books a week and read through them.  Then, I found out through my library, I could download free audiobooks for my Ipod Touch and now I can also download ebooks to my Kindle.  I will never give up my audiobooks on my ipod, though, I listen to audiobooks when I drive or ride with my husband.  It sure makes driving fun and long trips fly by!

What do you have or what do you like best?