July 2011
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Necklace and Jewelry Storage ideas

I am in a storage sharing mood!!!

I bought a great wall jewelry box from JC Penny’s for around $50.00 several years ago:

Jewely box from JC Penny

Jewely box from JC Penny

I loved this and it worked great and still use it, but women HAVE to buy more!  The fad now is also larger, chunkier necklaces.  What to do with those?? If I piled all of them in the wall jewelry box, the door wouldn’t close!

I came across a great tip on the internet (how could we ever do without!!!) on a jewelry/necklace idea:

Men's 3 row slack hanger for jewelry storage

Men's 3 row slack hanger for jewelry storage


Using a men’s 3 row slack hanger was the perfect solution for me!  They sell for around $9.99 at Target and allow you to hang chunky, long, wide, any type of necklace with ease. The hangers have a velvet outer edge, so the jewelry stays in place.

Craft storage ideas

My craft area is a very small bedroom, and I have organized it a thousand times in the last few months!  I want to continue to share what storage ideas are working for me in my small room.

I had 2 rolling carts, but I was continuously moving them and my chair was in the way and I was getting so upset! I took out all of my winter clothes and put them in plastic bins in the basement.  I took the closet space and used it for more of my storage:

Craft closet storage

Please ignore the ugly shag carpet!!!  Now I am not banging my chair into everything and I still have my clothes stored away.


Craft storage closet shelf





















I went to Michael’s the other day, and got a very pretty storage hanger for $11.00 or so on sale.  The regular price was $16.99. I may have found one at Walmart for shoes or so, but this one is so pretty!  I don’t buy a lot of craft stamps, but I have a few and needed more room (my theme song!).  It works perfect for the few stamps I have:

Storage for craft stamps

If I want, I can move it into the closet and hang it on the closet rod.