February 2011
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Laptops and water DO NOT MIX

Not a great weekend here.  My older laptop drank a whole glass of water through it’s keyboard..  UGH! It wasn’t on, and hopefully the quick tactics like wiping it off right away, turning it upside down to let the excess water run out, running a hair dryer across the keyboard until my arm was numb and leaving it in front of a fan on high for 12 hours may help!.  Whew!

I took it to a computer place today and have submitted an insurance claim. One website said that it may run fine for a while but then corrode and die. One consulation was that there are hundreds of “Help I spilled __ on my computer” posts, so I am in good company.  Cross your fingers for me!!!

That’s what I get for being Miss organization and was arranging my office.  It could have been a lot worse, my new laptop was sitting on the other side of my older laptop, so I am truly grateful I am able to write this post and my new computer is happily churning away.

Fiskars 12×12 LED paper trimmer review

Another great product I use and love.  The Fiskars 12×12 LED paper trimmer is fail proof!

The 12″x12″ will handle any size job.  It folds in half for great storage or to carry with you. The LED light is fantastic! The LED light shows exactly where you are cutting and automatically shuts off after two minutes.  The ruler guides are inside the plastic so they will never wear off.

I am not affiliated with Fiskars or any company and I am not making any money suggesting this product.  I just use it and love it.